Being involved in a car accident can be devastating. But it feels even worse when you are the at-fault driver. In addition to having to deal with your injuries and damages, you also are responsible for the other party’s losses. So, what should you do at the accident scene? How do you handle yourself?

The things you do after a car accident in Conyers Georgia that’s your fault can be critically important. In this article, we will give you insights into the dos and don’ts in case you ever find yourself in this situation.

Check on all occupants

First off, you’ll need to check whether the people in your vehicle and those in the other car need immediate medical care. Also, look around to see if there are other parties hurt. Observe the accident scene for any risk factors, like leaking gas or electric sparks that could cause further harm.

Report the accident

 You should notify the law enforcement officers about the crash, mainly if it involves injuries, damages or, at worse, death. You can do this by calling 311 or the regular 911 call. When the police arrive at the accident scene, you should be courteous and polite and comply with their request. Before their arrival, review the accident as you experienced it so you can narrate clearly the unfolding of events as you remember – don’t lie.

Collect evidence

The evidence is critical to your case – ensure you get contact details and addresses of the other parties involved in the accident, and any witnesses in the scene. Use your phone to take pictures of the crash, including views of the vehicles involved, weather conditions, traffic signs, any debris and so on.

Contact your insurance provider

Report the accident to your insurance company or carrier to keep them in the loop about the upcoming claim.

File a claim

File a lawsuit concerning the injuries and damage to provide notice that your insurer needs to start processing the claim. If you miss the deadlines as per the policy, your insurance provider may be relieved from the duty to defend you in your case or settle you from the suit placed against you.

Contact a lawyer

A good car accident lawyer is your best shot at getting the most from the process. He or she not only help you with the legal aspect but will also inform you of your legal rights. Although the insurance company will appoint a lawyer on your behalf, it is always a good idea to have your lawyer.

Don’t admit fault

Do not admit fault to the other driver, your passengers, police or anyone else – even when you believe you were partially responsible for the crash. Other factors may have contributed to the accident that you aren’t even aware of. Although the hearsay rule prohibits individuals from talking about what other people said in the courtroom, there is an exception when there are statements that act as admission.

Do talk about what caused the accident

Do not volunteer to offer information about how you think the accident happened; don’t ask the other driver about that too. You shouldn’t make accusatory statements either.

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