It would not be wrong to suggest that process server play a pertinent role in the judicial system. They would have a job on their part to get the right papers to the right people. These kinds of legal documents would be used for notifying the person in a legal case. It would compel the person to attend the legal proceedings going on in the court. It would be pertinent to mention here that you should consider hiring the process server to serve different kinds of legal documents.

Misconceptions surrounding the job

It is a fact that serving process has been surrounded by several misconceptions. Private investigator firms would mostly take up the services. It would be pertinent to mention here that process serving should be best described as a function that usually operates in a private manner. It would be independent to the courts. It would deliver court materials along with the legal documents by a third party that would not be biased to the case. Nonetheless, the common usage would be to deliver the materials along with the contract for several kinds of unwilling parties. It would also deliver the documents directly to the subpoena defendants along with the court summons.

What do you understand by processes?

Processes would be best described as legal or court documents that could range from complaints to summons. You could use the services of a process server for providing court verification that the party involved in the case has received the document.

Imagine you were a tenant who is taking the property owner to court for not fixing some items in the house according to the lease agreement. The property owner has been refusing your calls. As a result, you decided to take your property owner to court to force him or her to make the requisite repairs or money back from the rent, as you had to make the necessary repairs. The Barrister Support Services or the process server would help you deliver the summons from the court. The process service would track down your property owner and serve the summons, ensuring the property owner marks his signature of the summons being served to him. You should be clear here that the process server does not work for you or the barrister.

Process server being the third party to your case

It would be a fact that the process server is a third party to your case. It would be essential for their job. However, several people have misconceptions pertaining to the process server working in the favour of the plaintiff. However, a certified process server would have sworn an affidavit on the case that they would be serving the legal documents in an impartial manner. The sworn affidavit would ensure that they do not lie to the court of law. The process server should have no association with either of the parties to the case. They should be serving in an independent capacity without any pressure or association with any of the parties to the case.

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