Medical malpractice lawyers play an essential role in a malpractice lawsuit: in addition to litigating claims based on the negligent act or inaction of medical practitioners, they also serve to remind patients of their rights, guide them through steps of filing a lawsuit and ultimately, obtain compensation for the victims or their families.

However, not all lawyers are created equal; they differ based on the quality of services on offer, pricing, expertise, and reputation. That’s why you need to do some homeowner to ensure you are settling for the best that the market has to offer. To help point you in the right direction, here are some top tips for hiring one of the best Miami medical malpractice attorneys

Exclusivity is critical

Since you do not deal with lawsuit cases every day, you probably aren’t aware that not all lawyers can represent every case. Some lawyers specialize in personal injury cases while others in family law. Some in criminal cases, while others in employment issues. There are also lawyers who are jacks-of-all-trades and masters of none. Ideally, you want to find a lawyer who practices medical malpractice exclusively, because that will mean that they are up-to-date with medical malpractice suits.

But so is experience

In addition to exclusivity, your ideal lawyer should have the necessary expertise to represent you. You can establish a lawyer’s experience by checking the kinds of cases they have handled in the past. A good lawyer is one who has dealt with cases of similar magnitude as yours and has had successful outcomes. They should also be backed by training and industry experience. Keep in mind that hospitals deal with such cases frequently, so they will always have the best attorneys that money can buy in their corner. Without an experienced lawyer by your side, you don’t stand a chance.

And a background check

You can’t just take their word for it – delve deeper and learn more from their past clients and other third parties. Read online reviews and customer testimonials to get a feel of what to expect. You can also check their affiliation with associations for medical malpractice lawyers. Better yet, you can contact the Miami bar association to gain more insights about the lawyer.

Don’t underestimate the power of a meeting

Technology makes it easy for you to access any lawyer you want. However, you still need the human aspect to understand the person you are dealing with. Once you have a few options of potential lawyers left, schedule a meeting to see them in person. You’ll be surprised by how much you’ll learn about a lawyer by speaking with them, face to face.

Know the right questions to ask

It can be hard to establish how good a lawyer is if you don’t ask the right questions. Prepare a list of questions to get the most from your consultation. You may inquire about the statute of limitation, aspects that may work in your favor or against you, the point of contact with the firm and pricing. Other important questions include their opinion on whether your case can be settled in court or out of court and their caseloads.

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