In accordance with the Constitution and laws, everyone has the right to receive qualified legal assistance in the course of civil, administrative and criminal proceedings in accordance with established provisions. In certain cases, legal assistance guaranteed by the state (hereinafter referred to as legal aid) is provided free of charge to citizens and legal entities. Legal aid is provided free of charge in the form of legal information, or legal advice or protection and representation of interests in courts, criminal investigation bodies, other state bodies and non-governmental organizations in cases and in the manner established by the legislation of the country. For example, people receive free legal assistance in the form of representation of interests in courts in the following cases.

The Right Legal Step

If you have applied to the court for compensation for damage caused by death of the breadwinner, injury or other health damage related to work then the right legal helps are needed. Citizens, in cases of necessity, draft written documents of a legal nature on issues related to the recovery of alimony, the appointment of pensions and benefits, rehabilitation, the grant of refugee status, and minors who have remained without parental care.

The Options for the Legal Help

In these cases, citizens can use this right directly by contacting the Bar, at the pre-trial stage or during the trial, by writing to the official or judge the following statement:”Please provide me with guaranteed legal assistance and provide a lawyer, freeing me from payment. Signature, date.” The Law Offices of Edward J. Singer is the best places in handling such actions.

Documents and other evidence supporting the right of a given person to receive legal aid free of charge (for example, a certificate of a participant in the Second World War, the list of such documents is given in the Rules for the payment of legal aid provided by lawyers) must be attached to the application.

Proper Protection

As long as your right to protection is not secured, you have the right not to give any explanations or testimonies, both verbally and in writing, not to sign in the proposed procedural documents. In addition to lawyers, legal bodies outside the court process are also rendered free of charge by state bodies within their competence, notaries and private judicial executors in the prescribed manner.

The Right Support of the Lawyer

Get your lawyer (like any other professional advisor) to understand the particular needs of your company. When you hold interviews to select a lawyer, ask him if he has previously worked with a company like yours. You do not have to pay for your learning time. Has your firm worked with small businesses before? What type? If specialized regulations or other legal requirements apply to your field of activity, you will need a lawyer who knows them well.

Your Options

References are the best way to find practically to the Law Offices of Edward J. Singer that you need, and the lawyer is no exception. Talk to other small business owners, your banker, your accountant or other advisors you trust. You can also consult the professional bar association of your locality, although not all of them verify the specialization or experience of its members. Naturally, a reference of these entities guarantees that the lawyer has approved the necessary examination.

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