Congratulations, you’ve passed the Bar. Those long hours of studying, late night coffee binges, and missing social events to work hard at making your dream come true will soon be worth it. If you’re ready to enter the world of law, should you hang out your own shingle straight out of the box or work with experienced lawyers and attorneys? What is the best way to showcase your new knowledge and desire to service the legal field? Perhaps you’ve been with the same law firm for a number of years—and while the firm has treated you well, you are feeling a bit restless and want to expand your horizons and spread your wings. Or perhaps you’re debating whether to move to another part of the country or join the firm just around the corner. How do you ensure that the move you make will be the right one for the skills you have to offer as well as for this moment in your career?

Legal Recruiters

Either of these decisions could benefit greatly from the advice of a professional legal recruiter. Just what can their expertise bring to the table? Well, they can reduce the stresses you might feel while making the decision alone and open up a win-win situation for you. They can alsomake you seem like a very appealing employee to law firms that are looking for neophytes as well those in the market for seasoned lawyers or attorneys. Recruiters with multiple databases to consult as well as social connections in the field, like The Heller Group, have more access to valuable information than any individual could ever really research for themselves. Many are themselves lawyers or attorneys and know intimately those firms that are searching for people with values you may possess: a good work ethic, integrity, loyalty, and dependability.

At The Heller Group, recruiters have made it their priority to keep abreast of news and valuable information that they can build employee-employer match out of — and not only are they trustworthy and reliable, but they genuinely want to simplify what a can a very long, expensive and arduous process of finding the best possible position for you.

But how do you choose a legal recruiter? The best of them should be, first and foremost, people-oriented. They will spend time getting to know you during in-depth interviews and detailed discussions, and after being armed with the knowledge they have of you and various firms, they’ll be better equipped to advise you on which one might be a good fit for your personality type and professional goals. They take the time to understand your individual interests in the field, your strengths and weaknesses, and the experiences you’ve had in the past. Because they take great pride in a working method that is proactive, strategic, and realistic, you can never go wrong when you contact the legal recruiters at They make it easy to take an important step towards your dream job.

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