Generally, insurance companies are notorious for attempting to underpay claimants by offering a personal injury settlement offer that is lower than what the accident victim deserves. This can result in a whole bunch of issues especially for someone who suffered major injuries following an auto accident. Such accident victims have to battle with the medical bills that continue to pile up.

Since the at-fault driver’s insurer attempt to offer the lowest amount they believe that you can accept, unfair settlement offers in nearly all personal injury cases may not be helpful to the accident victim. You, the victim of an auto accident, must pay medical bills. When the insurer offers a settlement amount that can’t clear your medical bills that means you will be unable to get the right medical attention. However, hiring a reliable Austin personal injury attorney can be helpful.

Seek legal help

If you are battling with an insurer who isn’t willing to offer a reasonable personal injury settlement amount and you don’t have health insurance, it is time to seek legal help from an attorney. Your attorney can write a LOP (Letter of Protection) to guarantee the repayment of your medical expenses. Note that this is an agreement created by your attorney your healthcare provider or a medical facility that guarantees your medical-related expenses will be settled using the money you will get from your personal injury settlement.

Keep in mind that Letters of Protection apply to personal injury claims that you aren’t involved as the at-fault driver. Though they are often used for auto accidents, they can be used in other related personal injury cases such as work injuries and slip and falls.

Are LOPs necessary?

Letters of Protection are not always necessary. However, if you don’t have health insurance or your insurer fails to cover your medical expenses, then, Letters of Protection can be very helpful. Remember, you can only use LOPs if you are not the at-fault party or driver.

This can also be the case not just for individuals without health insurance as health insurance providers often refuse to pay for your healthcare. They claim that the at-fault party’s insurance company should take care of all the damages.

Why are LOPs so effective?

Generally, Letters of Protection are very effective because of the following reasons.

  1. You can get the healthcare you require to recover fully

Let’s face it; the at-fault driver’s insurer will not ‘pay as you go’ even when you are undergoing medical treatment. So, they will attempt to low-ball your claim settlement before you determine the entire amount you require to settle your medical bills. Having a LOP means that you can worry about the settlement amount after you have received the right treatment.

  1. You don’t need to overspend

Instead of fronting the entire cost of your treatment before you get the settlement amount, LOP allows you to get treated. You even don’t to empty your bank accounts to finance your treatment.

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