When you have received an injury while on the job, yet able to work, then your employer might choose to offer either light or modified work. Light duty or modified jobs refer to working with the same employer with lesser physical rigor. This allows an injured employee to continue working during the recovery period. However, the intensity of modified work would depend on the restriction that a registered and practicing doctor recommends. It would also depend on your employer’s capability of finding jobs suitable as per the recommendation. In this regard, there is more to learn about.

What If The Employer Fails To Provide With The Apt Job?

In case of unavailability of the fitting job, then as a staff, you’re entitled to receive temporary disability benefits for the lost wage. However, if you refuse to accept any modified job during the work Restriction period, then you might not get this special benefit. Otherwise, you can consider stopping work altogether until your condition improves, or at least till the condition improves. By and large, employers tend to prefer that the injured employee would continue working in the firm. They are most likely to offer what we call as ‘busy work.’ This is their way of ensuring that they keep the recovering workforce on the job. It’s necessary that you do a little bit of research and self-analysis of your actual capacity if executing jobs post-injury can be considered.

On Getting Placed On the Lighter Work

Once you receive an injury, a primary treating physician or the PTP would examine your overall condition. He or she would prepare the reports accordingly. It’s the PTP who would also certify whether the concerned worker is fit enough to resume working normally. Generally, it might recommend limitations in physical activities like twisting, turning, bending, pulling, pushing and anything similar. The concerned worker might get back office works or desk jobs. Again, if a doctor recommends significant work restriction, claiming a permanent disability, then the management might commission a vocational expert to re-analyze the case and certify whether the concerned individual would be unavailable to compete for the labor market.

About the Most Common Work Restrictions

There are different forms of work restrictions. For example, there are physical work restrictions, as well as emotional job restriction and even limitations in work environment. Even then, it’s important for you to remember that such recommended job limitations may or may not directly influence an individual’s permanent or partial damage percentage. It impacts the temporary disability period. Your employer might take it as a parameter in determining the nature of the modified work that he is going to offer. However, in case there is a dispute about the modified duty allotted to you during the period, then you have the option of seeking legal help. There are many professionals, as well as legal firms available. Make sure that you visit them without inhibition.

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