Irrespective of how much care you have taken, an accident at workplace can happen. You may suffer from minor to severe injuries and end up paying expensive medical bills. However, if you have been involved in any accident at work, you can consider filing a work accident claim.

The compensation which you may receive can support you and your family in hard times and can help you get over with the medical expenses quickly. However, before going ahead, it is ideal to know whether you are eligible to file a claim or not.

Are you eligible to file a work accident claim?

Employers and business owners in UK are legally responsible for the safety of their employees. As per the legal clause they are suppose to hold compulsory insurance and follow Health and Safety rules strictly.

Now, if you know that your employer is failing to meet these responsibilities and because of his/her lack of responsibility you ended up in an accident, you can file a work accident claim. In fact, in certain circumstances, even if you are solely responsible for your accident, you can still file a compensation claim.

For what can you make a work accident claim?

If you have a valid reason for the accident at work, you can file a claim. Some of the reasons which are considered valid are:

  • Use of toxic substances
  • Use of dangerous or faulty machinery
  • Use of poorly maintained equipment
  • Faulty lifting and handling of heavy substances
  • Negligence of co-worker
  • Insufficient training
  • Employing dangerous procedures and practices at work
  • Falling or slipping
  • Assault at work
  • Health & Safety rules not being followed

How much compensation do you get?

 There are different factors depending on which your compensation amount may vary. Some of these factors are:

  • Severity of your accident
  • Loss of wages because of not able to attend work
  • Medical bills

The best way to know how much compensation you can expect is to consult a reputed solicitor like Sometimes, even if the case is pretty simple, it is difficult to get any compensation. In such circumstances, having a solicitor by your side can really help.

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