You might have worked with traditional law firms for many years but as a senior lawyer, now you need more freedom in your work. Most of the experts are searching for such opportunities where they can start a successful journey as an independent law professional. The latest technologies allow lawyers to start working as a freelance service provider where they can enjoy their personalized work routines with their own income preferences. But the biggest problem they face in this decision is how to get clients as a consultant solicitor.

If you are thinking about starting your law business, here are few tips on how you can find more clients for your business:

Prepare your elevator speech:

In order to attract more clients towards your business, you need to prepare an effective elevator speech. Your words must be short, sweet but compelling and they should create an impact of your skills in the market. As a senior law expert, you have probably already gained huge experience with your practice in the law industry, so you should have a good idea on how you can convince clients to use your services.

List out the type of clients you want to meet:

Even if you are handling a variety of cases throughout your life as a lawyer, there might be few preferences that you feel can generate more income for you. Scheduling your meetings with law firm associates will not give you much benefit, however, spending some time with a small firm partner may help to a certain extent. You need to target the right people who can provide you with relevant deals for your law expertise.

Go to networking events:

As a freelancer, it is important to improve your network because a larger network can naturally provide you with more clients for your business. When more people are aware of your expertise and skills, you are naturally referred to more places and it can bring more business to your virtual law firm. Aim to attend more events in your circles but never forget to be a part of non-legal networks as well.

Get professional marketing assistance:

If you do not have much experience with marketing practices, it is important to look for some professional assistance. It is proven that no business can grow without effective marketing strategies so every freelancer needs to find reliable support for promoting his/her work to potential clients. You can choose to hire freelance marketers, agencies or a great alternative would be to become a part of a new model law firm. There are many to choose from, Passion for Law is a good example, they help you to transition to becoming a freelance lawyer and provide you with marketing, paralegal and admin support.

While working as a self-employed solicitor, it is important to focus on marketing tactics because it is the most effective technique to get more clients for your business.

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