Like most people, I wasn’t really sure how to get a personal injury lawyer after my car accident. It’s not something I’ve ever done before and other than a few internet adds and the occasional billboard, I had no idea where to look, or how to find a good lawyer.

Fighting with Insurance

With an aching neck as a result of being rear-ended at a stop sign, I also wasn’t in shape to do any driving. But my insurance was denying my claims so I couldn’t wait around either. I had no idea that my insurance would be so resistant to helping pay for the care I needed after the accident. Isn’t that the point of insurance? Things were not working out well in my case. After being told that they wouldn’t cover physical therapy it was clear that I had to take action, but I couldn’t just stop in and interview lawyers in my town.

Choosing the Bestfilm online

Realistically, the small town I live isn’t crawling with lawyers experienced in handling large cases. Insurance companies are large and have huge resources to fight people like me in court. It was really important that I found a firm that had experience dealing with large firms. It was also important to find a lawyer that I felt really understood my situation and could tell me from the start if I had a case. Nothing could be worse than my current situation than being strung along by a law firm and an insurance company. I wanted honest, straightforward answers. That’s when I found Siegfried & Jensen.

Answers to my Questions

– It was refreshing to find answers on their website. I was able to think about my situation and determine whether or not it was worth pursuing at all. I quickly learned that a case needs 3 things to be viable.
– Injury. Yes, there was no question about that.
– Fault. Yes, the accident wasn’t my fault, but even if it had been, my situation may have still been viable.
– Insurance. Yes, I had insurance and so did the other driver but they weren’t paying for my care.

Moving Forward

After this bit of research, I decided to go ahead and call to schedule a free consultation. It was so nice to not get the runaround. I described my situation and got answers to questions. As personal injury lawyers, Siegfried & Jensen had vast experience dealing with insurance companies and injury claims. Of course, I don’t know how this will all turn out but it was a relief to take steps towards resolving my claims. I felt like I finally had a chance at getting the care I needed without the stress of my insurance denying my care.

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