Unfortunately, the chances of a couple getting a divorce are significantly higher than the chances that the couple will stay together. A divorce is the legal ending of a marriage. This sounds easy, but the process can be quite complicated. Think about it, a marriage is two lives coming together and becoming intertwined. It is easier said than done to separate the two lives back out again.

The laws and paperwork requirements that are necessary to finalise a divorce can seem complicated and overwhelming in an already stressful situation. A divorce lawyer will help you navigate the process and make sure that the correct documentation is submitted with the appropriate signatures.

Process of Filing for Divorce

Divorce lawyers in Sydney will help you follow the correct protocols in filing for divorce. In order to submit a divorce application, the couples must meet several criteria. The first is proof of marriage. This can be your marriage certificate. The couple must have been separated for at least twelve months. The other party must have been served at least twenty-eight days prior to submitting a divorce application.

It is required that couples are separated for twelve months. There are a couple of different ways this can occur. The most obvious is that the parties live under two different roofs. The other is that the couples do live under the same roof because of the children. If this is the case, your lawyer will be able to help you still meet the criteria for separation.

Additional Considerations When Obtaining a Divorce

A divorce tends to be an emotional time in a person’s life. It’s not only difficult to think of the next chapter of your life, but it’s also difficult to think of the end of the current one. Your lawyer can help you make sure that the division of assets is fair. For instance, you will need to think about things such as property. Is one spouse going to keep the marital home and marital property, or is to be sold and the profit divided?

Division of additional assets is another factor. Most of the time couples split marital assets down the middle. Alimony or spousal maintenance can become a point of contention. Considerations for spousal maintenance include the financial hit the person asking for spousal maintenance will take due to the divorce. It’s not fair for one spouse to be put in a financial bind due to the divorce.

The most important consideration in a divorce is the children. Child custody must be determined, as well as visitation rights and child support. The goal is to provide the children with a stable life that includes both parents and is as fair as possible first and foremost to the children, and also to the parents. This can be an extremely stressful time for children if they do not understand exactly what is going on and why. Trust the divorce lawyers when it comes to properly handling your divorce and moving on with your life.

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