The phrase “slip and fall” falls under the personal injury cases and in this situation a person trips or slips and gets injured sometimes on his own property and sometimes on other people’s property. When this situation occurs it is called as a “premises liability” case. Slip and fall accidents do frequently happen and sometimes, the property owner is held responsible for the injuries and sometimes the owner isn’t held responsible. For this type of cases, countless conditions remain responsible like changes in flooring, torn carpets, narrow stairs, poor lighting, wet floor etc. A person can also trip on a cracked public sidewalk and fall from a flight of stairs.

Sometimes what seems like one normal accident, like tripping, stumbling, slipping, and falling can turn out to severe. These injuries are quite capable of producing grave injuries like traumatic back injury, head injury, severe back injuries, broken hip, and sometimes even death. People who get seriously injured in one slip-and-fall accident on other people’s property can claim for legal compensation if the fall results from the negligence of the property owner. If it happens to you, you run a good chance to get awarded for damages. In these circumstances, the personal injury lawsuit loans NYC will fight your case and you will get a settlement.

Conditions that prove the fault

Actually, there isn’t any specific way that would determine someone else’s fault for your injuries when you trip or slip. The cases would differ and sometimes it will hold the property owner responsible and in some cases, you will be held responsible for your injuries. However, there are some common rules that will help you decide whether the fault is the result of your own carelessness or it was other persons’ fault. In the majority of the cases, the person who got injured on other’s property has to prove that the reason behind the accident was one dangerous condition and the possessor or the owner of the property was well aware of the dangerous condition.

Dangerous conditions do present an irrational danger to people on the property. Additionally, the conditions must be such that the injured party had not expected under the situations. When you wish to establish the possessor or the owner responsible it should be proved that:

  • The possessor/owner formed the condition.
  • The possessor/owner was well aware of the existing condition but neglected the situation.
  • The situation happened for a long period of time and in this time the possessor/owner ought to have discovered and modified it before the accident in question.

Don’t worry when Cronus is here

The settlements of slip and fall are recognized as a waiting game and here the insurance companies expect you to get tired of waiting and as a result, you will settle for much lesser compared to what you deserve. In these situations, personal injury lawsuit loans NYC, such as Cronus will take responsibility for your expenses plus find out ways for the largest settlements possible. Cronus works hard to make your approval process easy and quick. It is unlike typical loan and here you need to repay cash advance only when you win the case. Again, when your case gets settled, you will repay this company only a little portion of your settlement amount.

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