The standard rules were that youngsters weren’t required to give dental evidence in the court in family proceedings. However, this rule has lately been challenged and examined within the Top Court. It’s worth understanding and thinking about exactly what the court has stated to find out whether your kids will need to give evidence.

That Old Presumption Regarding Evidence In The Court.

There is a presumption against children giving evidence in family proceedings. It was because that there might be grave damage or further harm to a young child if exposed towards the trauma of questioning with a stranger who’s task ended up being to attack their reliability. This generally concerned very sensitive regions of sexual matters. Therefore children were unlikely to become requested to provide dental evidence in the court because it would harm or upset them.

However, a brand new situation has lately revisited this common presumption and checked out whether or not this should continue.

The Present Take On Children Giving Evidence In The Court.

Inside a recent situation Re: W (abuse: dental evidence) 2010 UKSC 12, (2010) 2 FLR a legal court was requested to reverse a choice through the Court of Appeal disregarding a father’s appeal against a choice with a County Court Judge to refuse his application for his 14 years old step daughter to provide live evidence in care proceedings. The Top Court discovered that the presumption against children giving evidence in family proceedings couldn’t be reconciled using the approach from the European Court of Human Privileges which aims to strike a good balance between competing convention privileges.

The Top Court determined that there has to be a brand new approach and although you will find unquestionably disadvantages to children giving live evidence in the court you will find potentially some advantages. A young child, particularly a mature child might not simply be prepared to give evidence but express the want their voice heard through the Court. In addition when the family Court happens before any criminal trial experience giving evidence inside the family jurisdiction may remove or at best reduce a few of the understandable fear that the child may have all around the giving of evidence inside the family Court when needing to give evidence inside the criminal jurisdiction.

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