There have been claims made that e-cigarettes may be harmful to your health. Not only are there concerns about the harmful nature of nicotine, but there are also allegations that some e-cigarette brands are prone to explosion. In Jackson County, Indiana, there was a car collision on I-65 that took three hours, and a whole team to clean up a semi truck that was allegedly caused by an e-cigarette malfunction.

The cause of the collision appears to be that an e-cigarette exploded in the driver’s hand while he was driving. Although no one was seriously hurt, it is just another case where e-cigarettes have shown themselves to be dangerous and questions whether anyone should be using them, especially when driving.

Luckily, the only car that was involved in the collision was a semi-truck. Veering off the road, it struck the guardrail before stopping. Christian Starasinich was at the helm of the semi, and although miraculously not sustaining any damage from the crash itself, suffered injuries to his hand due to the e-cigarette device exploding while he was holding onto it. Very lucky, it could have been much worse and deadly.

The manufacturer of the specific e-cigarette that allegedly exploded, Troy Leblanc, insists that it is extremely rare to see his specific e-cigarettes catch fire. Being one of the most popular brands in the industry, there are currently over nine million users nationwide, which poses a significant risk. Leblanc owns five of the Kentuckiana Derb-e-cig locations and is also a representative for the Kentucky Smoke-Free Association.

Leblanc insists that it is not the risk posed by the design of the e-cigarette that he sells, but the way that people use them. He maintains that anyone who is fearful that their e-cigarette is harmful can come into any of his locations to be shown how to use them safely and to decrease the risk of explosion.

With a growing population of e-cigarette users, an injury attorney San Francisco questions their safety. Not only do they pose potential health risks, but they also may be at risk for physical damage due to poor maintenance. Leblanc insists that the explosion could be a consequence of how it was being used, how old the device was, and whether it was being charged properly

There are very few regulations involving the use of e-cigarettes. Marketed as a safer and healthier alternative to smoking, there are all sorts of legalities that continue to rise about how to keep them out of the hands of a growing population of underage kids and also how to guarantee that they are manufactured safely.

Just like the hoverboards, at question are the risks associated with their battery. E-cigarettes are not the only electronic device to recently be causing personal injury. The latest battery debacle is the new Galaxy 7 mobile phone, which has likewise had several incidences of blowing up on consumers. A complete recall has been made to check for the safety of the ion batteries contained in the cell phone model.

As the technology for batteries grow, so does the demand for them. A very unstable energy, however, when the proper care is not taken, and they are mass produced, specifically overseas, they cause significant risk for the appliances that they charge run.

The car collision, in this case, is a personal injury case that involves not only an e-cigarette but the risk that it can put you in while doing things like driving a car or being in a crowd. A potential hazard not just for those who are using them, e-cigarettes pose risks for the public as a whole. There is no doubt that the car collision could have been way more dangerous. The question is whether there should be constraints placed on as to when you can use them, or if they are safe enough to use at all.

Many manufacturers claim that the cases of them exploding are few, but if there is even a risk, then they should be more closely monitored. The public has a right to know the risks they are taking outside of just the ones related to the long-term effects on their health.

As technology continues to grow, it is important that the public is adequately warned about the risks they take when using individual devices and when deemed unsafe, products be taken off the market. The car accident in Indiana should be ringing bells for personal injury lawyers around the nation.

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