If a person is accused of committing a crime, they have the right to seek out legal counsel, and although the police might offer you free legal representation, this isn’t always the best solution. With something as serious as a criminal charge, it is prudent to seek out an experienced criminal lawyer in their immediate area, and unless you happen to know of such a person, this might be difficult to do at short notice. Even if you are not currently involved in any criminal proceedings, it can happen to anyone, at any time, and having the contact details of an experienced criminal lawyer in your smartphone is never a bad idea.

Initial Consultation

Due to the seriousness of a criminal offence charge, the lawyer would have to be available at any hour, and would be able to visit you wherever you happen to be. Typically, the initial consultation would be free of charge, and the lawyer would outline your options, and should you decide to retain the lawyer, they can begin to build a case for defence. For a person who is accused of committing a crime, knowing their rights is essential, as without this, it is possible for a mistaken verdict to be given. If, for example, a person was looking for a Perth criminal lawyer, there is an excellent online practice that consists of a team of criminal law experts, and with an excellent track record, you can be sure of the best representation at all times.

Building a Strong Case for Defence

Once a person has been formally notified of the charge(s), they are not advised to say anything at this point, rather better to ask if it is possible to contact your own lawyer. This is your legal right, and after you have made contact, your lawyer will be with you as soon as is possible, and even though you might be tempted to converse with the officials, it is wise to remain silent until you have spoken with your legal representation.

Be Honest with your Lawyer

If anyone is on your side in a criminal prosecution, it is your lawyer, and therefore, it is always best to be completely honest, as this will enable them to prepare the best defence. Of course, one must be prepared to provide whatever information the lawyer thinks is important, and only then can they begin to build a strong defence.

Knowing the Justice System

A good criminal lawyer would have a deep understanding of how the justice system works, and in some cases, they can obtain an acquittal by pointing out something that perhaps a less experienced person might have overlooked. Any criminal charge is a serious thing, and it is most certainly not the time to have an inexperienced legal representative in your corner, but with the right help, you have a much better chance of a satisfactory outcome.

Being charged with a criminal offence can be very stressful, and with the right legal advice at the very outset, hopefully, the outcome will be satisfactory.

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