Accidents and injuries are commonplace incidences that can happen to anyone. Most of these accidents are minor and happen out of our own negligence or absent mindedness, where our lack of attention causes us trouble.

But if you get injured in an incidence where someone else is at fault, you may find yourself in the position to make a liability claim to receive compensation for any damage you or your possessions might have endured. As dictated by the Australian Government, there are several categories and types of claims that you can make to recover losses, depending on your injury.

If you don’t already understand these laws, you might wonder what kind of situations might make you eligible to receive compensation. But this information is not a common knowledge among many people and is the reason why many people fail to contact an attorney like Law Advice compensation lawyers.

To help you understand this better, here are 3 everyday situations that might lead to a general or public liability claim:

Slip or Trip Accident

These types of accidents are some of the most common ones people claim for. There are a number of different hazards around us that can cause us to trip and injure ourselves. The main consideration in these accidents is the fact that someone else is liable for the damages you suffered. Following is a scenario where you can file a slip or trip accident claim:

  • An incident where you slipped on water leaking from a freezer in a grocery store with no warning around for a wet floor. Since the store was at fault for not warning customers of the hazard and having a malfunctioning appliance in the first place, you could have a strong public liability case against the grocery store.

Clinical Negligence

While the healthcare system in Australia is maintained at high standards, there are still some occasions where negligence at the hospital or clinic’s end can cause severe implications for the victim. And since it is human life at risk in these instances, filing a liability claim is of utmost importance.

These situations might include misdiagnosis of a certain illness, leading to mistreatment and damaging consequences. For instance, the doctor or nurse might be inattentive to you and give a dismissive diagnosis. If you find yourself in such a situation, you are entitled to make a claim.

Accidents Caused by Faulty Products

If you suffer some sort of damage from a product that can be traced back to the manufacturer, you might be eligible to file a compensation claim. Defective food is one of the common cases where consumers file claims against the manufacturer, leading to the government recalling or banning the product. A recent example of this is the recall of a cheese product that had E.coli contamination.

For instance, a gluten intolerant consumer might buy cereal that wrongfully states that it is gluten-free. In this situation, the manufacturer is at fault for wrongful representation and will be liable for damages consumers suffer.

These are only a few examples of what situations might transpire the need for a compensation claim. If you find yourself facing a situation that causes you damage, it is recommended that you take help from a compensation lawyer.

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