It is a violent experience to be involved in a dog biting accident. As there are many pet dogs around the country, there are surely thousands of dog biting accidents that happen all round the year. Dogs are generally well behaved animals, but they can bite if they feel threatened or are suffering from a disease.

A dog bite incident may scare the life out of you but you need to take some important steps in order to ensure that you are protected from both the monetary and the medical damage that you have to endure after the accident. Here are the five key steps to take after such an incident, according to dog bite attorneys:

1. Note Down Details

You need to document the incident properly. You can take a picture of the dog that bit you in order to identify it later. The name, color and other details of the attacking dog will help you later in identifying the right animal and putting the blame where it belongs.

2. Contact the Dog Owner

You should contact the owner of the dog as soon as possible. You should ask for every possible detail about the dog as well as the information of the owner. You will need to use this information later on if you legally want to obtain compensation from the owner.

This information is easier to obtain at the time of the incident as you may find it difficult to locate an owner later if the incident happened on the road or outside specific premises. You can give this information to dog bite attorneys when looking to file a lawsuit.

3. Inform the Police

You should always report a dog biting incident. Also, don’t forget to call emergency services if you find a loved one in a compromised state. It is extremely important to seek immediate help from the authorities.

4. Inform Animal Control

The particular dog that bit you may be a danger to the community; therefore, it is important that you also notify animal control authorities about a biting dog. You do not have to provide them extensive details if you want to pursue a lawsuit, but you can inform them about the incident in a timely manner.

5. Seek Medical Help

If you are bitten by a dog, you should immediately seek medical help. It is not necessary to have a visible gash on the skin to go to a doctor. You must go to a physician and ensure that your injuries are addressed by medical professionals.

Dog bite attorneys are able to help you in such cases. They identify the culprit in an accident and allow you to win dog bite lawsuits.

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