When the world woke up the day after the Presidential hopeful wife’s eloquent speech, they were discouraged to find that perhaps she wasn’t as charming and well-spoken as everyone assumed. There was a time when the nation didn’t have teleprompters; politicians didn’t read off of a monitor and, yes, they even wrote their own speeches.

The truth is that not all of us are capable of giving a tear wrenching speech, but that isn’t what politics is supposed to be about. The reason there is a growing mistrust in politicians is not only for their actions, but also for the fact that they can’t even use their own words. Many voters are feeling disconnected from the ruling class, believing that speech writers are merely telling us what we want to hear instead of really telling us what needs to be heard.

That is what makes the whole scenario so disillusioning. Donald Trump is soaring in the polls specifically because he is supposed to be telling it like it is. A whole different type of politician, he is supposed to be telling the public the truth, not making the public his pawns by speaking straight from the cuff. If Melania has a speech writer, then it is not difficult to extrapolate that Trump does too, and that questions all that he says when he is behind the podium.

Caving under pressure, the Trump campaign finally admitted that Melania might have plagiarized parts of Michelle Obama’s speech at the 2008 Convention. Meredith McIver, a speech writer, came forward with a letter telling a tale of how things got mixed up and how, when reading from Michelle Obama’s speech passages, some were accidentally included in the final draft that Melaina used during her portion of the GOP Convention.

As if that isn’t bad enough, Trump may have more than just plagiarism to worry about. On the letterhead used by the speech writer, there appears to be “The Trump Organization” at the top. That becomes problematic because it directly relates the speech writer to Mr. Trump’s private organization payroll, which is an extreme no-no legally speaking. McIver is an employee not of the campaign organization, but of the Trump one, which can indicate that he used his corporate resources to pay for the writing of his political speech.

Suspicious of a corporate violation, Lawrence Noble, of the Campaign Legal Center and a law office Los Angeles; believes that it is a violation of the political federal laws and may result in civil penalties to both the Trump organization and the political campaign. If Trump used resources from his corporate organization, then the act of the speech may be more of a slip up than anyone could have guessed. It may actually be a criminal offense.

This isn’t the first time that Trump has used corporate resources or employees to work on his campaign, but in the past, he has always properly documented and handled it appropriately. This is the first time that there has been a crossover that was initiated, which may be criminal in nature. In the past, when Trump has used corporate workers to work on his political campaign, they have been paid through the campaign resources specifically.

To prevent corporations from having political influence, there are very strict laws in place to prevent the transfer from one to another. It is apparent that when Trump has used anything from his corporation, down to the letterhead paper cost, he has paid for it in advance, and kept resources and money separate. This is the first time that there was a mistake made. Melania and McIver insist that no one from the campaign knew that she was being helped by someone from the organization, and in there lies the problem.

Whether it will become an issue in campaign finance down the line remains to be seen. What is for sure is that there will be an investigation into how it happened and the severity of which it is punishable. It is doubtful whether anything further will be found, however. Much scrutiny has already been placed on the Trump campaign and their corporate dealings and resources. This could open up a can of worms for Trump or quickly become yesterday’s new.

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