After passing the Bar Exam, you are likely to feel as if you are emerging from a deep, dark cave. In a lot of ways, it will be very similar. You likely are feeling deprived of direct sunlight, a bit over-sheltered from the noises of the outside world, and a bit sensitive to natural light, as a result of having spent so much time in libraries and your own private study. But now that you have passed the Bar, you are free to get out and enjoy yourself a little bit.

Before you enter a firm and start spending even more time in the office than you ever imagined possible, you should make sure you get out and enjoy the great outdoors a little bit. Get a little hue back to your skin, work off those dark circles under your eyes, and put a little fire back into your spirit. There is nothing like spending a week straight outdoors to help you re-ignite your zest for life. Even a simple overnight camping trip will make one of the most uninspired individuals feel glad to be alive.

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After having passes the Bar, you likely are in a tight spot financially, which is why spending time outdoors, and shopping for the gear you’ll need at Orvis, are a perfect fit. You will not spend a huge amount, and you will get to recuperate after those years stuck indoors – perfect preparation for your new career as a celebrated lawyer.

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