Hiring a knowledgeable and experienced DUI lawyer in Scottsdale has its benefits. The professional is familiar with the court system, has knowledge of plea bargain details and the complex administration procedures. His legal services are particularly important when you are a repeat offender.

Should You Plead Guilty?

When it is your first time to be charged DUI you may prefer to just plead guilty. This can be a smart choice when there was some certainty to face conviction like when your BAC is higher than .11 and the officer who arrested you testified you were drunk driving erratically. Even if you have decided to plead guilty a Scottsdale DUI attorney could provide counsel or advice which could impact your sentence’s severity. Also when your BAC was between .08 and .11 you may not be convicted and a DUI lawyer may be able to plea bargain your case. Sentence Bargaining

This is very useful where a guilty plea can lead to a long-term incarceration. For instance, you may want to plead guilty to a second DUI offense; however, only if you know your sentence. In this case you would be advised to have a lawyer.

Second Offenders Must Have an Attorney

When it is no longer your first DUI you will need the assistance of a DUI lawyer. In case you’re concerned about the cost, a number of DUI lawyers will work with you and can provide credit payment plans or discounts.

Searching for a DUI lawyer

Look for a Scottsdale DUI lawyer who specializes in the DUI laws in Arizona. Keep in mind that a lawyer who defends DUI exclusively has knowledge of the court system and how to best represent your case in a court of law. Do not be afraid to shop around and contact a number of lawyers in your local area and compare pricing. You can try to gain more information about them using reviews and testimonials in the internet.


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